Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs  Mastery
Systems and Trainings for Beginners
What You'll Learn:
Make Commissions
Inside the course you learn about various lucrative affiliate offers and how to build your systems to get your affiliate commissions on sales that come from your traffic, referrals, and leads.
Automate Your Systems
You will learn how to automate your traffic, leads, and sales systems so you can focus on scaling what is working and testing new variations and offers.
Grow Your Email List
Get tools to grow an email list from scratch, set up sequences, automation, and followup, and segment your audience to promote to them offers most relevant to them===more sales
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Hosted by Alexious Yong

Alexious Yong is a lazy millennial online marketer who got tired of doing client work and prefers to make affiliate commissions from home in a robe.
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